Professional Services

PRISM Software's Professional Services is designed to provide experience senior-level IT consultants on a long-term basis.This minimizes turnover and reinforces successful working relationships. Our IT professionals are full-time
resources with PRISM Software and receive competitive salaries and benefits. This allows our long-term project consultants to provide staff continuity from one project to the next


Access to high-skilled and in-demand professionals

PRISM Software IT consultants provide a wide array of experience levels, industry backgrounds and hard-to-find niche areas of expertise such as Oracle and SQL Server Database Administrators, Network Engineers, Linux and Windows Systems Administrators, Software Developers, and Analysts. We have hired professionals with strong technical and communication skills who can move easily from client to client, project to project working with you to assimilate into a new team quickly and help produce immediate and effective results.


Our clients have realized significant savings by using our IT Consulting professionals for long-term roles or special projects.Salaried professionals often help reduce overtime and avoid the fixed cost of increased full-time employees.


We take care of the IT Professional's taxes, benefits, bonuses, healthcare, Workers Compensation, state and federal unemployment insurance, etc., so you don't have to be concerned about them. This allows you to focus on the technical requirements and goals of the project at hand.

Specialized placement

For over 25 years, we’ve been placing experienced IT professionals with companies across a wide variety of industries including universities, law firms, health care, technology, and manufacturing companies.

Simply provide us your requirements and let our IT professionals help with your staffing needs.